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It's a relatively simple equation: the first generation is afraid of war because they've lived through it; the second, because they know its horrors, as told by their parents; the third generation is beginning to forget... You are here!, as the street messages to the giddy travellers would say.

"We are here!", we could continue. We are here because there is war. And because we care. And because, yes, we do not tire. We live in a world where pigs lecture on how to lose weight. We know, we've been told: Moscow doesn't believe in tears. We do.

They say a wall of books is a wall of windows. So it is with our website: an online publication can't tear down the wall that the Kremlin propaganda machine has been building for so many years, but it can be such a window.

War Street Journal is an unique media project dedicated to Ukrainians fleeing war. We've gathered a handful of people to recount, in three different languages, the experiences of our neighbours in Romania. And the stories of this inspiring people.

Thanks to the Zi de Bine Association for making this project possible! And to our Italian friends at Valse Naïve Studio for the opening animation. And, of course, to all Ukrainians who are standing up to Goliath.

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